At first, I was not really certain how coaching could help me after my divorce as I felt as if there was a great big black cloud hanging over me constantly. Joanne supported me to see how my thoughts impacted my feelings and actions. You gave me challenges to helped increase my confidence and with time that cloud lifted. I was holding on to sadness that no longer belonged to me. Several years later I am happily in a new relationship that is much healthier. 

L.H. Calgary AB



I was holding back making a major life decision because I was embarrassed and confused. I felt drained. Through coaching with Joanne I gained a clarity of my situation I had not experienced prior. I reframed how a viewed my options and took a new stance that felt energized. Joanne intuitively understood even before I did. 

Trisha U


Neck Pain Relief/Lights...

I initially had my doubts but... It didn’t take long to alleviate my concerns about the science behind polychromatic light 

therapy. More importantly, it took little time to notice the benefits of using it. Within one week of beginning daily, twenty minute sessions with the lights, I experienced substantial relief in my level and frequency of neck pain. Gradually, my ability to turn and tilt my head increased and I found that I became less and less aware of an issue that had been negatively affecting my quality of life on a daily basis. Today, I continue to use the lights. In addition to being pain free, I have found that 

using them contributes to the quality of my sleep and my overall feeling of well being. I highly recommend InLight Medical products for anyone seeking relief from pain and issues related to circulation. I am a walking, and head turning, testimonial to the effectiveness of polychromatic

light therapy. 

Ron L - Calgary AB 


Stress Reduction/Lights...

I don’t know quite how to say how I feel with the results of light therapy. Prior to using it, I was basically pain free but stress would cause muscle tension which probably helped to interrupt my sleep. I started using the light therapy every few days. I enjoyed it and would often fall asleep during the 20-minute session. I noticed my focus had improved as did my stamina at working on tasks. When I was out of town for a 5-day trip without the lights, I felt a bit scattered I suppose. I couldn’t wait to get home and use it again. I’ve made a point of fitting it in daily in the mornings. It just feels good. Focus. Energy. Clarity. If I have muscle tension from stress, the lights will melt it away.

Sheri B - Calgary AB