The 5 step process to your brilliant life.

1. First | Assessment

We start by assessing what health and happiness mean to you. We determine what stress and health issues you are facing and look at what you feel is most important to you.  

2. Second | Context 

We put this into context as to how it is affecting your relationships, happiness, career and your energy to participate in life on your terms. We look at where you are and where you want to be. 

3. Third | Action plan

Together, we create a plan of action based on your needs and preferences. This might include a clinic session, online support, workshop or a full wellness program. I draw on my 30 years of expertise and experience to explore wellness options and set inspired and attainable goals with you. 

4. Fourth | Implementation

We implement the plan. I incorporate the science of light therapy, Sound Wellness and Belief Re-patterning with the art of wellness coaching to support you to achieve your goals.

5. Fifth | Evaluation 

Throughout the entire process of working together, we evaluate your progress. How are you feeling? What works best for you? We take a look at your pain, your stress, your overall health and happiness levels. 

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What is our 5 step process?
Our 5 Step Process